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Find your lost phone

Find phone

Find phone

Find phone With this application you can make your phone ring with maximum volume, even if it is in silent mode, by using a particular choice SMS or by predeterminated numbers, that will also hide...

School planner (Diary)

School planner (Diary)You will not longer have to be afraid to forget to check your school grades! Enter the grades and get the arithmetic average instantly, it has never been so easy! The user interface...

Flashing lights

Flashing lightsDo you like to walk in the evening?Do you have to walk in a stretch of low lighted street?Using this application you can walk safely by increasing your visibility.Just open it and you'll have...


Walk in the evening
Walk safely  If you walk in the evening, when it's dark, you'll surely have to walk on poorly lit, busy road sections. In order not...
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Find phone update
Find phone update  Find phone updated to 3.0 version, with a modern graphics and new features 1 .0 Version Download
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